How to Get 100 Free SMS from Glo to Any Network Daily

If you are the type that uses SMS much more than calling or that you simply need SMS to complete certain tasks, here is how to get free unlimited SMS from Glo daily.
If you already have Glo line all you have to do is to follow the guides given below to begin enjoying your unlimited SMSs from Glo.

Guides to Get Unlimited FREE SMS from Glo

By following these guide lines, you could enjoy unlimited free SMS from Glo for as long as you wish and these free SMSs could be used and sent to any network.
1- Get a Glo Line: if you already have a Glo line, make sure that you are on Glo Bounce plan. If you do not have Glo line and wish to enjoy this free SMS offer, simply get a Glo line.

2- Migrate to Glo Bounce Plan: the Glo Bounce plan is a tariff plan introduced by Glo sometimes last year. The tariff plan gives you free data (MB) for browsing and a free SMS for every billed SMS sent. I.E, if you send an SMS to a line and you are charged certain amount for it, Glo Bounce gives you one free SMS in return.
To migrate to the Glo Bounce Plan, dial *170*4#. Please note that you might be charged N100 for the migration if it wasn't your first tariff plan migration within 30 days.

3- Now, to Enjoy Free SMS: to enjoy free SMS from Glo even if you don't have N1 on your Glo line, simply text INFO to 127 (It's FREE of Charge). Once the message delievers, you will receive one SMS in return and the SMS could be sent to any network.
You can send "info" to "127" for any number of times daily, and each time you send "info" you are given one free SMS in return.

Remember to use this cheat/method when you are short of airtime/call credit and wish to communicate with someone especially; at emmergency situations.

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