How to: Identifying Identical HTC Phones

You might have the need to strongly identify or differentiate between two or more HTC android devices, especially whenever you need to flash a new ROM, Radio, bootloader amongst others.
It is important to identify the particular android device with which you are working on to avoid unnecessary damage to the phone. Here, we will discuss how to identify the particular android device you are working on.

In the case of identical HTC android devices, you are required to know the particular HTC model you are working on.
For example;
HTC Vivo and HTC Vivo_w are very identical HTC android devices with different ROMs amongst others.

Meanwhile, flashing a ROM that is meant for the HTC Vivo on the HTC Vivo_w could render the phone useless.

Three Ways to Identify Identical HTC Android Phones
1- Hboot Screen: if you are having difficulties at identifying a particular HTC phone, you could try check the HBoot screen. On the HBoot screen, you can see clearly, the precise version of the phone.
This is the best and the most accurate way to identify identical HTC phones.

2- The Battery Section: you can also check beneath the section of the phone. In some HTC phones under the battery, the phone model could be written as "PG320100" for the HTC Vivo_w and "PG320100" for the HTC Vivo.

3- Phone Settings: by going to the phone settings section. If the phone's ROM has never been tampered with, you can rely on the phone's name under the Menu <<>> Settings <<>> About <<>> Phone Identity

Please note that it is important for you to know the exact phone model before you begin any major software related works on any android device to avoid any unnecessary damage to the phone.

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