How to: Know When to Flash A Nokia Phone or Change Screen

Here, within this article, we shall discuss the common issues that makes a Nokia phone screen go blank white and how to know for certain, what to do to rectify the problem.

Whenever a Nokia phone screen goes blank white, it has become a common practise among Mobile Phone Software Engineer/Repairer that flashing the phone is the only remedy. Even those know that such problem could be caused by the screen don't know for certain if it is the screen or flashing that would rectify the problem.

Identifying the Issue And the Solution

You might have to pay attention to the points given below in order to be able to identify the actual problem of the phone and as a result, know the best remedy without much stress.

1- Nokia Blank-White Screen Caused by the Screen: to know maybe the Blank-White screen of a Nokia phone is caused by the screen;
1- Simply switch off and on the phone
2- After about five (5secs) seconds, the phone screen should blink once though, the screen would remain blank. 3- If that is the case, simply change the phone screen once and for all.

2- Nokia Blank-White Screen Caused Rectifiable By Flashing: if it were to be virus or boot failure/error usually caused by the corrupt Nokia phone's system files that caused the phone screen to go blank-white, then you will notice that;
1- After switching on the phone, the phone screen remains white and never blinks.
2- If this is case, your remedy is to perform a full-flash on the phone using any of your favourite flashing software programs.

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