How to Root your Android Device Using SRSRoot

If you really want to root your android device yet, you do not know much about android device and rooting at all, you could give SRSRoot a try.
SRSRoot is one of the best Windows programs available for rooting any android device. Besides the rooting which is the primary purpose of the SRSRoot, it also features some other functional utilities android device user would find useful.

Requirment for Rooting Android Device Using SRSRoot

Once you have gotten the following materials ready, rooting your android device using SRSRoot would be much more easier;
1- Your Windows PC: the first thing you need to accomplish your aim is your Windows PC, either laptop or desktop.

2- Android DRivers: secondly, you need to have installed all the necessary Windows android drivers for the particular android phone you wish to root on the PC you are to use for the rooting process.

3- SRSRoot for Windows: you need to install the SRSRoot program on the PC you are going to use also -of course, you know that!.

4- A Compatible USB Cable: you need to have a compatible USB cable you could use to successfully connect your phone to the PC.

5- An Internet Connection: finally, you need to have active and functional internet connection on the PC throughout the time frame until the rooting process is complete.

Rooting your Android DEvice Using SRSRoot

Now, follow the step by step guides given below to root your android device;
1- Ready the materials needed: first, you make sure that you have made ready all the required materials as outligned above.

2- Connect your PC to the internet: SRSRoot will not work at all unless it detects an active internet connection on the PC therefore; you need to connect your PC to the internet first.

3- Lunch SRSRoot: Once you have connected the PC to the internet, you can now lunch the SRSRoot program by double-clicking the SRSRoot icon.

5- Connect your Phone to the PC: connect your phone to the PC and wait for the PC to install all the necessary drivers for the phone.

5- Instruct SRSRoot: once SRSRoot opens up, on the left hand side, you should see two (2) root options; (SAfe Root or Permanent Root), click on either of the options.

6- Watch And Follow SRSRoot: Now, you need to watch and follow both the phone and SRSRoot panel on the screen as some instructions and prompts maybe given to you by SRSRoot.

Download the SRSRoot Windows program from here.

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