HTC Vivo_w ICS ROM: HTC Incredible 2 ROMs

If you ever feel like to choose from a wide selection of ROMs for your HTC Vivo_w also known as HTC Incredible 2, here is a list of ICS ROMs you can choose from.
Often times, its hard for you to differentiate between HTC Incredible 2 and Incredible S by mere looking and as a result of this, most people flash Incredible S ROMs on HTC Vivo_w, which is also HTC Incredible 2

As a matter of fact, HTC Incredible S ROM is much more available for download on the internet as maybe compared to the HTC Vivo_w ROM. This is because more developers find interest in developing ROMs for the HTC Incredibles however, there are still some available ROMs for the HTC Vivo_w as well.

For a list of very good and suitable ROM for your HTC Incredible 2 also knows as HTC Vivo_w, you may check the page below:
HTC Incredible 2, HTC Vivo_w ROM Download

The page contains both ICS, Jellybean and Gingerbread ROMs for the HTC Incredible 2, HTC Vivo_w and most of which are custom ROMs. Also, you may download fully stock ROMs for the HTC Incredible 2 also known as HTC Vivo_w.

Click here for info on how to flash custom ROM on your android phone or here on how to flash custom recovery on your HTC Incredible 2.

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