iPhone Disabled? Enable it Without Restore (Without Factory Reset)

As a security measure, if you ever forget the access code for your iPhone and you enter the incorrect code on the iPhone for a number of times, iPhone disables the phone until factory reset is done on the iPhone before it becomes accessible again.
Here, within this article, we explain how you could remove the security code on the iPhone without performing the restore (restoring factoring settings)

AS you may have known that performing a factory restore (reset) on your iPhone makes you loose everything on the phone including your media files, contacts, messages, apps amongst others.

However, just by following these guides, you would be able to remove the security lock and renable the iPhone with all your files intact on the phone.

How to Enable A Disabled iPhone Without Restore

First of all, you need to have these materials ready;
1- A Windows PC running Windows 7 or higher
2- iTunes 10 or higher installed on the PC
3- A compatible USB Cable for your iPhone

Now, Proceed to renable your iPhone!
1- Lunch iTunes on the PC: lunch iTunes on the PC you wish to use for the operation then, connect your iPhone to the PC. Make sure the PC you are to use has never being used for the same iPhone previously.

2- Let iTunes Detect the iPhone: wait few seconds for the PC to detect and install the necessary drivers for your iPhone.

3- Follow the iTunes Guide to Backup: once detected, the iTunes would display summary info about your phone and on the summary, click "Backup" on local drive to backup the phone.

4- Complete the Backup then, Restore: wait patiently for the backup to complete, then; click on "Restore from Backup" to restore the backup following the same procedures.

5- Restart the Phone: once the restoration is complete, the phone would restart. You can now gain full access to your iPhone without the BIG BOLD "iPhone Disabled" text.

Please, note that iTunes may prompt you to supply your iCloud ID/Password, simply ignore the request until the operation is successfully completed.

This method has being confirmed working for the iPhone original, iPhone 3, 3G and iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1 and below. The same method should work for other iDevices as long as no iCloud account/password is supplied.

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