8 Ways to Make Money from Mobile Phones SESE

It is one thing to have an opportunity, it is something else entirely to utilize it. Here, I reveal eight (8) things you can do to make money in the upcoming Mobile Phones SESE event initiated by Aryk Enterprise.
In case you do not know what the Mobile Phones SESE is, it is an event, a kind of Seminar And Expo initiated by Aryk Enterprise targeted at all mobile phones users across Nigeria.

The event, Mobile Phones SESE is initiated to help educate and train interested individuals how to become a Mobile Phones Software Engineer and give them all the tools they need to start up as a mobile phones software engineer.

In addition to the training, you can buy, sell, and swap phones and gadgets at the event. Also, courtesy of Aryk Enterprise, you can bring your android devices for free repairs (Software Problems ONLY).
Click here for details about the event and all you stand to gain.

8 Ways to Make Money In The Mobile Phones SESE Event

1- Be Educated to Practice: the major reason that give birth to this event is to train and educate interested individuals how to handling software related problems of mobile phones thereby becoming a mobile phones software engineer.
Meanwhile, at the event, you can also start practising what you have learnt at the seminar thereby making money off your knowledge.

2- Bulk Purchase/Resell Chances: at the event ground, there are provisions for PCs and mobile phones enhancements such as SD Card (Memory Card) and Flash Drives (USB Disk) to be sold at very cheap prices. You can buy these enhancements in bulk and resell them at your various destinations in unit and at usual prices.
32GB flash drive (USB Disk) would be sold N2,500 that day. And 32GB SD Card (Memory Card) would be sold N2,300 that day. Both with 6month warranty.

You may buy these items and resell each of them for as high as N3,500 at your various destination.

3- Trade Your Phones And Gadgets: the idea of swapping phones is highly welcomed among mobile phones users in Nigeria. You can also make a reasonable amount of money in this regard at the event.

4- Free Browsing Cheats: I am sure you are aware that free browsing cheats have become hot cakes among mobile phones users in Nigeria especially now that android is setting the pace.

If you know one or two free browsing cheats, you can make a huge amount of money giving out free browsing cheats that day.

5- Phone Repairs And Services: if you are already an engineer, you are welcome on board. As an engineer, you can also be part of the event repairing phones and in so doing, making your cool money.

6- Android Games And Softwares: needless to say much on this since almost everybody knows how badly people wants good android games. If you have enough android games, you can bring them along and make your money that day.

7- Connections: this is one of the most important reasons why you must be at the event though, it is second to the last on this list, because only few people knows how to utilize the connections they have.

On the event, many engineers and individuals are coming. Make good connections for this is your wealth.

8- iPhone Basebands: although, most people are not concerned with this, it should be included.
If you have any iPhones and iPads that uses SIM card, please bring them along with you.

We all know how difficult it is to unlock iCloud or Activate/Hacktivate iPhones and iPads that are locked. We ONLY want to extract some files within them for development purposes ONLY (to improve Aryk Enterprise iCloud/Activation) services. We shall pay you a reasonable amount of money (based on our negotiation) before the extraction.

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