Get 3GB of Data for Just N1,000 -Glo Users Only

How beautiful would it have been if the data bundles and subscriptions for the android devices in Nigeria were subsidized just like the Blackberry smart-phones!
When it comes to browsing the internet on android devices, it is as ugly as it is beautiful. Ugly in the aspect of its data consumption and beautiful when it comes to its browsing speed.

However, the previous Blackberry cheat that was working with all networks before it eventually seized is back and running fine with Glo, Airtel and MTN networks with the exception of the Etisalat network.

How to Setup Your Android Device to Using the Blackberry BIS Subscription
First, before you are able to use any of the Glo BIS subscriptions on your android devices, you need to modify your android device IMEI. For detailed info and step by step guides on how to modify or change your android device IMEI to a Blackberry device IMEI, click here.

Preparing your Android Device for the Cheat
Once your android device IMEI has been successfully changed to a Blackberry device IMEI, all that you have left to do is to change your APN (Access Point Name) to the Blackberry APN which is

To change the APN:
1- Go to Menu <<>> Settings <<>> Mobile Data <<>> Access Point Name
2- Click on the APN to be modified and change the APN to

Please note that the settings configuration pattern given above is for the HTC Android devices and may vary to the configuration pattern for your phone. The bottom line is; simply change your APN to the Blackberry APN which:

Once you have done that, you can begin surfing the internet using any BIS subscription from Glo, MTN and Airtel.

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