How Setup ADB And Fastboot Tools On Linux PC

Android Debug Bridge, ADB for short, is the tool responsible for bridging the gap between your android devices and your PC.
ADB let's you remotely communicate with your android device directly from your PC; even when the android device is off but remains connected to the PC.
Here, within this page, we discuss how to setup ADB Tools which include the fastboot and the adb (Android Mode) on your Linux PC.

Windows PC users should check this page for the guides on how to setup ADB Tools on the Windows PC.

Setting Up ADB Tools On your Linux PC
Except that you are a developer, you most likely need to have just the ADB and Fastboot tools ready on your PC for they are the commonly used android debug tools. Therefore, this guide is only meant for android phone users or mobile phone software engineers that only troubleshoot, transfer files to/fro android devices and their Linux PC, and or repair software related problems of android devices.
Also, if you root, flash ROMs, sideload apps on android devices amongst others, you also need these ADB packages.

Now, follow the step by step guides given below on how to setup basic ADB Tools on your Linux PC (Ubuntu, Fedorra) amongst others.

1- Conncet your Linux PC to the internet.
2- Lunch Terminal on your Linux PC.
3- First, you need to add the PPA from to your PC. Just type this sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8 on Terminal and hit the enter button. Enter your admin password once it prompts.
4- Now, you need to update your directories with all the necessary dependencies. To do so type sudo apt-get update on the Terminal and hit the enter button. Depending on the server, this may take few minutes. Simply wait until it completes.
5- And finally, to install ADB and FASTBOOT packages on the Linux PC, simply type sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb and hit the enter button. Once it completes type sudo apt-get install android-tools-fastboot and hit the enter button.
6- Supply the admin password for your Linux PC then hit the enter key.
7- Wait few seconds for the installations to complete and ENJOY!

To confirm the version of ADB and Fastboot packages installed on your Linux PC, simply type sudo adb version on the Terminal.
The next line of codes should display the ADB and version installed on your Linux PC.

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