How to Burn A DataDISC Using Ubuntu -Linux PC

There might be a need for you to burn a DataDisc, if you are opportuned to have a machine running Ubuntu 14.0.4, you do not need to search any further, simply put on your PC and start burning as much as you want using Brasero DiskBurner!
Brasero DiskBurner is a utility program that comes with the Ubuntu 14.0.4 and has all the common functions most other DiskBurner programs do have.
How to Use the Brasero DiskBurner
Burning a disk using the Brasero DiskBurner is really simple and easy. All you will have to do is to lunch the Brasero program on your Ubuntu 14.0.4.

To lunch the Brasero DiskBurner on your Ubuntu 14.0.4, simply use the search button on your Ubuntu machine as in the image below.

Once the Brasero DiskBurner has been lunched, simply select the operation you wish to perform and go.
The friendly guides on the Brasero DiskBurner would put through the rest of the operation.

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