How to Change your PC IP Address: Free Hacks

For every country across the globe there are IP addresses and each state under each country also has specific IP addresses. This IP addresses are being used by many gadgets and devices that have internet facilities to providing information about your location to some servers, web applications, websites and to whoever needs the info for any reason.
Within this page, we reveal a simple hack and trick that will help you use a dynamic IP address of any country or state on your PC through your android device.

This info is useful for those who wish to browse the internet without revealing their true identities for one reason or another. Aryk Enterprise does not provide this info to support thieft of any kind or illegal use therefore, your use of the info is at your own discretion.

By using this trick, you will be able to hide or disguise your true identities on the internet. Especially useful to browse and download from some websites that restrict some countries of the world from accessing there services and servers.
For example;
You are a Nigerian who loves to buy goods and items online but have difficulties accessing some online stores or that you are restricted from certain services by these stores, you can just change your IP address using this trick.

How to Change your PC IP Address Using Android Device
For a long time now, TIME and DATE are being used to varifying the validity and security of a website just like the Longitude and Latitude are being used to calculating distances and time.

Some browsers or gadgets/devices would not even connect to the internet if your time and date, especially, DATE is not correct.

Android devices come with GPS, Location and Navigation services built-in and all the applications that connects and provide location services rely on the built-in GPS and Location programs of the android device.

Now, the good news is;
Your android device GPS and Location programs also rely on your TIME ZONE

So, to change the IP address of your PC using your android device, you can now apply these understandings.Simply change your android device TIME ZONE

For example;
You are a Nigerian and wish to change your IP Address to Canada, simply change your TIME ZONE to Athlantic (-3.00) and save the settings.

Once saved, everytime you connect to the internet, an IP would be chosen for you between all the regions that are within that time zone.

To change the Time Zone of your android device go to;
Menu <<>> Settings <<>> Time And Date <<>> Select Time Zone

If the Select Time Zone option does not appear clickable, simply unmark the Automatic Time Zone option, select your desired Time Zone then, remark Automatic Time Zone back.

You can then connect your PC to the internet using your android device hotspot or via USB Tether. Either ways, the same address of the android device is used for the PC.

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