How to Troubleshoot HTC Errors: Flashable Recovery & Bootloader Zip

For most HTC android devices that has S-Off, there is a flexible option for you to flash either the recovery.img or bootloader file in an file via your HTC android device's hboot.
For example: if you wish to flash a custom recovery on your HTC G2, you can simply do so by downloading a file that contains the custom recovery.img of your choice and flash it via the hboot on the HTC vision also known as T-Mobile G2.

This note is published to help you troubleshoot some known flashing errors you might encounter during the flashing process.

Lately, we have received some complains about the inability to flash some of the files we have provided on this blog and so, we bring you some troubleshooting solutions as expected.

Troubleshooting Known Errors At Flashing Files On HTC Androids

The ONLY error that has being reported so far is that some of the HTC files are either hidden on the phone, or that the phone could not locate them on the SD Card while the phone is booted to hboot mode.
In hboot mode, the phone only scans the SD Card for the file (e.g and nothing is found. Then, nothing happens.

- one of our fans commented.

If you ecounter this kind of problem, the only solution is either to;

1- Format the SD Card, then put the file (e.g on the root of the SD Card and retry the process.
2- Put the file on the root of another SD Card and retry the process.

With this, the file should work for your HTC android device. If otherwise, your HTC android device probably has S-On or that the CIDNum of your device is not contained in the file. In cases like that, you may contact us for further assistance.

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