Linux, Recommended Computer for Servicing Android Devices

Because the android is built based on the Linux form and kernel, Linux PC is arguably the best PC to be used for servicing android devices.
Although, you rarely find an operation that can be carried out on any android device using Linux PC and of which such cannot be done using Windows PC yet, Linux PC has a better chance servicing androids.

Why Linux PC is Preferred to Windows PC for Android Servicing

As a savvy that knows how android devices work, you should know the importance of android drivers and the relationship between the android drivers, Command Prompt/Terminal, Command lines and the ADB.

Of all the reasons why the Linux PC maybe preferred to the Windows PC when it comes to servicing the android device, there is only one reason most important of all and that's what we discuss here.

Android Servicing Tools
Command Prompt is an important tool for servicing and correcting software related problems of the android devices on Windows PC and Terminal is it counterpart on Linux PC, also for similar purposes thus; servicing and correcting software related problems of the android devices.

ADB, Android Debug Bridge, is the support tool needed to be installed on both Linux and Windows PCs before either the Terminal (On Linux PC) or Command Prompt (On Windows PC) could be useful for servicing and correcting any software related problems of an android device.

However, there is one more thing much more important and needed on either of the PCs, the Android Drivers.

Even with the ADB installed on the PC, the PC won't be able to communicate with the android device without the Android Drivers ready on the PC -this however implies only to the Windows PC.

As for the Linux PC, you only need to install the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) which are the support tools for the Android devices.

In plain words, Linux PC does not require android drivers to communicate with any Android Devices. You can correct and repair any software related problems of any android devices using your Linux PC without android drivers.

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