The Best Way to Flash MIUI ROMs

When it comes to good and stable custom ROMs avilable for the android devices, I am sure MIUI ROMs are one of the best ROMs available.
However, the only problem you might have using the MIUI ROM is the SPEED. Although, you will enjoy using MIUI ROM with just the built-in apps but becomes very slow as you load more apps on it.

Here, we discuss the best way to flash the MIUI ROM on your android device having no fear of its speed no matter how many apps you install on it.

The Best Practice to Flashing MIUI ROM

Please note that you should always make a backup of your previous ROM before you flash another ROM -just in case something goes wrong with the newly flashed ROM.

1- First, you need a custom recovery on your android device. The best custom recovery for flashing MIUI ROMs is 4EXT recovery.
Click here for info on how to flash custom recovery on your android device.

2- Download the version of MIUI ROM you wish to flash on your phone.
Please note that the ROM must be the exact ROM for your phone.

3- Download the normal Google Apps, Gapps for the version of ROM you have downloaded.
Detailed info about Gapps and the version to download is here.

4- Put both the ROM and the Gapps .zip files on the root of your SD Card.

5- Boot your phone to the recovery using the right key combinations for the phone or using Terminal/Command Prompt.

6- On the 4EXT recovery, go to Wipe!Format, then Format All Partitions (except SD Card) option. -note that this will erase everything on your phone except your memory card.

7- Now, go back to the main 4EXT recovery screen and click on Install from SD Card. Select the ROM you downloaded on your SD Card and flash it.

8- Once the flashing process completes, reboot the phone to run MIUI ROM for the first time.

9- Reboot to recovery again and flash the Gapps you downloaded following the instruction in the STEP 7 above. Just select the Gapps .zip file and flash it.

10- Finally, you can reboot your phone and enjoy MIUI!

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