Ubuntu OS, Full Featured Free Linux Distribution: Download Here

If you have ever wondered if you can run a Linux OS alongside your Windows OS on your laptop, well, your answer is YES! You can load Ubuntu OS on your Windows PC and enjoy all the features of a Linux computer on your laptop without the fear of loosing any of the data you already have on your PC.
Here within this page, we discuss few of the features of the Ubuntu OS and a download link is provided for those who might want to try it out.

What is Ubuntu OS?
To put simply, Ubuntu OS is an operating system (OS) designed with all the features and functionalities of a Linux computer. In the hingsight, Ubuntu OS is a free Linux distribution that brings you to the world of Linux computers.

Features of the Ubuntu OS
Besides all the beauties and functionalities of other Linux computers the Ubuntu OS is stuffed with, the OS also has its distinct features that would make your experience of the Ubuntu OS a beautiful one.

For optimal performance, you should load Ubuntu 64-bit if you have a PC that has 2GiB of RAM and above. And 32-bit should be loaded if you have a PC that has less than 2GiB of RAM.

Dowload Ubuntu from this Link
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