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Use Glo And Other Networks BIS On Any Android Device: New Working Cheats

Glo BIS On Android
Since browsing with the android device is not so affordable because of the rate at which it consumes data and worst still, the available data plans for the android device are not so price-friendly in Nigeria; android phone users readily look for alternatives for browsing the Internet on their android devices.

Here, we will reveal a permanent solution for all android devices to using Glo BIS and other networks BIS subscription for browsing the Internet.

About a year ago, we were able to use Blackberry APN which is to running Blackberry BIS subscriptions on any device that has Internet facility. This cheat worked on all networks for about a year before it was eventually blocked, but this time around, this cheat may work forever.

Since most network providers including Glo use mobile phone IMEI to determine the type of phone you use, we have found a way to change your android device IMEI to a Blackberry device IMEI.

By changing your android device IMEI to a Blackberry device IMEI, you will be able to use services designed for Blackberry including the BIS on your android devices. You just have to change your android device APN to (for all networks) and begin enjoying unlimited downloads on your android devices.

Changing Your Android Device IMEI to A Blackberry Device IMEI
This trick will disguise or clone your android device as Blackberry device, therefore, you might want to backup your android device before you proceed or save your original IMEI in case you wish to revert to your original IMEI in the future.

There are two methods for which you can use to change your android device IMEI to a Blackberry device IMEI and they are;

1- ADB/Fastboot Method. (Requires S-off or Unlocked Bootloader)
2- Terminal Method. (Requires Android Root)
1- ADB/Fastboot Method:
If your android device has S-off or Unlocked bootloader, this is the best method that works for all android devices. The guides to follow using this method are given below;

1- Install the android drivers for your particular android device on the PC and setup ADB Tools on the PC. Click here for info on setting up the ADB Tools.

2- Boot your android device to fastboot/bootloader mode by using the key conbinations or via Terminal/Command Prompt.
HTC Users can use this key combinations: Put off the phone then, Press the Power+Volume Down Buttons together until the phone boots to hboot.

To boot to bootloader via Terminal/Command Prompt; connect your android device to the PC, wait few seconds for the PC to install all the drivers then; open command prompt/Terminal and type these command lines;
cd c:/your-adb-folder-name
adb devices
adb reboot bootloader
***After each command line above, hit the enter button on the PC. To make this method work, you must enable USB Debugging on the phone.

3- Once the phone is on the bootloader screen, the PC should install another drivers. Make sure USB is seen on the phone bootloader screen. Confirm the bootloader mode by typing this line of code on the Command Prompt/terminal;
fastboot devices
Your android device Serial Number should be displayed on the Terminal/Command Prompt window.

4- Get any valid Blackberry Device IMEI number. You can use your friends Blackberry device IMEI number or generate another one using this tool.

5- Now, change your android device IMEI Number to the Blackberry device IMEI by typing the following code on Terminal/Command Prompt;
fastboot getvar imei
fastboot oem writeimei the-blackberry-imei
fastboot getvar imei

***The first IMEI displayed on the line above is your original IMEI. And the last IMEI displayed is the Blackberry IMEI you changed to.

The Terminal Method:
This method of changing android device IMEI to a Blackberry device IMEI can only be done on a rooted android device and Terminal Emmulator nust be installed on the phone. You can download Terminal Emulator from the Play Store.

To begin; Single SIM Device
1- Open Terminal Emulator on the phone.
2- Type SU and hit enter -this allows you to gain root access.
3- Type this command line in terminal: echo 'AT+EGMR=1,7,"IMEI_NUMBER" '>/dev/pttycmd1 or echo AT+EGMR=1*7*IMEI_1>/dev/pttycmd1

If your phone is a Dual SIM android device, use this command line;
echo 'AT+EGMR=1,10,"IMEI_NUMBER" '>/dev/pttycmd1 then; hit the enter button.

4- Wait for the exploit to complete then, reboot your phone.

***This exploit works for all android devices including the MTK Androids and Nomandi (Nokia Androids).
***If at first your data service signal fluctuates, simply off and on the phone, run BBM at the first startup and then; the signal should become stable.

This Exploit Works for Which Networks?
This exploit has been tested and verified on the following networks;
1- Glo (Perfectly)
2- MTN (must first subscribe using a Blackberry device before you transfer the SIM to your android device)
3- Airtel (Perfectly)
4- Etisalat (Not yet confirmed)

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