Use PIG to Generate Blackberry Device IMEI And PINs

For one reason or another, you might be in need of Blackberry device IMEI and or PINs, this tool "PIG" can generate valid Blackberry device IMEI for you in just few seconds.
This is one of the best yet simple Blackberry Device IMEI generator I have used and below are the guides on how to use it.

How to Generate Blackberry Device IMEI Using PIG
1- Download the PIG Utility from here: this is a very light Blackberry Device IMEI generator that does wonders.

2- Extract And Lunch the Program: the program is compressed in a .rar file, simply extract it on your PC using WinRAR, WinZIP or any other extractor then; lunch it.

3- Fill in the Space as in the image below: this program requires you to have an IMEI. Fill the first field below with a valid IMEI of any device.
4- Select Your Desired Model line: select your desired Blackberry model from the second field.

5- Click the generate IMEI Button: once you click the generate IMEI button, the program scans and displays four (4) generated Blackberry Device IMEI for you.

To confirm if they are valid Blackberry device IMEI or not, visit

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