What is Android Device CID And How to Get it?

At some points in time, you may have stumbled upon a CID/MID or, you may have being requested to provide your HTC phone's CID/MID, this is mostly required whenever you need to make some modifications to your android phone's recovery, bootloader or firmware.
We shall discuss what the CID is and its relations to the android phone's recovery, bootloader and firmware here.

What is an Android Device CID?
The CID also known as the Carrier ID is the line of code that is already embedded in android devices. The CID is being used to lock the phone to a particular carrier and helps prevent the phone from accepting any other carrier SIM card other than the carrier it is locked to.
An android device whose CID is for the AT&T cannot be used with the TMobile SIM Card until it is unlocked.

Three (3) Ways to Know your Android Device CID
Before you can be able to manipulate the firmware or bootloader of your android device, you most likely need to know the CID of the device.

1- ADB Method: this is a generally accepted method that can be used to reveal most android devices CID.
To use this method, you need to have installed ADB/Set up ADB Tools on your PC and also; the android drivers for the particular android device must have being installed and ready for use on the PC.

Once done, simply connect your android device to the PC using compatible USB Cable, wait few seconds for the PC to install the necessary drivers, then lunch the Command Prompt.
1- On command prompt type; cd c:/your-adb-folder-name then, hit enter button.
2- On the next line type; adb devices and hit enter button.
3- On the next line type; adb reboot bootloader then, hit enter button. Wait few seconds for the phone to reboot to bootloader/hboot screen.
4- Now, make sure that the PC sees the phone in fastboot mode by typing fastboot devices on command prompt.
5- Lastly, type fastboot getvar CID on command prompt and hit enter button.
Note that you must have enabled "USB Debugging" on your android device before using this method. Also, learn more about setting up ADB on your Windows PC here.

2- Below Battery Seat: on most android devices especially; HTC the CID, MID amongst other details are written on the phone's battery seat. Simply remove the battery to reveal your phone's CID.

3- SIM Slot Cover: also, on HTC android devices like the HTC One V, the CID can be found around the SIM slot area. Look for the phone's CID around there.

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