2 Days Free Training to Make You Mobile Phone Software Engineer

Following the announcement of the Mobile Phone Software Engineer Seminar And Expo (Mobile Phone SESE) by Aryk Enterprises scheduled for the 27th and 28th of December, 2014 (this year), lots of messages have been received requesting for the adjustment in the date (draw closer) of the Seminar and Expo.

But, instead of generally drawing back the date of the Seminar, few people have asked to have their own training earlier than scheduled and to which we have agreed and the training date is the 27th and 28th of September, 2014 (this year) at Cele Express, Lagos State.

What You Will Learn In the Training

This is a 2 Days training that will take you through step by step practicals on how to handle all software related problems of all;
1- Android Devices: this includes all China and France MTK androids like iTel, Tecno, Infinix, Oppsson and all other android devices like HTC, Sony, Samsung amongst others.

Also, besides solving all the software related problems, you will also learn how to upgrade, downgrade, preserve, flash and unbrick all kinds of android devices.

2- BlackBerry Devices: in this training, you will also learn how to correct all software related problems of BlackBerry devices including the recent BlackBerry 10 series.

3- Nokia Devices: all Nokia smartphones are also included in this trainig as you will be taken through all the software related problems of the Nokia devices and how to correct them.

4- iPhones and iPads: lastly, this training will take you through step by step practicals how to upgrade and/or downgrade iPhones.

Also, you will learn how to remove iCloud on iPhones and still have its GSM network working (**iPhone 4 Downward). You can bring an iPhone with you to the training ground (for Live Practicals).

You can secure your seat and join us in the training.

To secure your seat and be part of this training, simply use any of the contacts below to Contact Aryk Enterprise.

Aryk Enterprise Contact Details
1- Emails: aryk.info@gmail.com info@arykblog.com
2- BBM: 768B9576
4- Phone Number: 0807 788 8311 0808 599 7677

Packages Available After the Training

By attending the training, you will receive all the tools needed to startup as a mobile phone software engineer which includes the followings;
1- All the Tools for Flashing android devices including other tools for correcting all other software related problems of android devices.
2- All Nokia tools including flash files downloader, Nokia flashing programs amongst others.
3- All BlackBerry Tools that can be used to flash, upgrade, downgrade and wipe all Blackberry devices.
4- iOS Tools. All iPhones and iPads tools but not including all the firmwares.

BONUS Packages:
You are also entitled to receive this bonus packages that day;

1- Linux OS -this is the best OS for servicing and repairing android devices so far. With this OS, you do not need android drivers before you can be able to repair any android devices.

2- User Guide eBOOK -this user guide eBOOK is like a master that can remain with you forever. This eBOOK contains all that you will be taught that day and you can always read the eBOOK over and over again on your own.

Participation Cost

N5,500 ONLY.

To participate in this training and receive all the packages you need to startup immediately as a mobile phone software engineer, you need to pay just N5,500.

Aryk Bank Details
Bank Name: Account Number: Account Name:
UBA Bank 2040171348 Arewa S O
EcoBank 1081048274 Arewa S O

Please, contact Aryk Enterprise using any of the contact details given above before or after you have made the payment into any of the Bank details given above.


If you wish to be part of the training but, for one reason or another, you cannot come, you can also request for the Training Kits and learn via the eBOOK on your own.

COST: N4,000 ONLY.

The training kits would be sent to you via a garage to your destination/area where you reside.