5 Must Have Android Applications For Students

Although, individual differences and attachments may alter the list I have here, but I have gathered five (5) android applications I found very useful for students.

Personally, I have used these applications and still have them on my android devices, and they have proven so useful for learning and research purposes.

So, if you do not have any or all of them, I suggest you try them out but first; check the list below to get an idea of what each of them has to offer you.

Mariam Webstar Dictionary:

Mariam webstar dictionary is an offline dictionry downloadable from the PlayStore or Mobomarket that requirs only a one-time download. Once installed, you have no further use of internet access to use the dictionary however, to use the Voice Pronounciation feature of the dictionary; you would need internet access.

This is a very useful productivity application for students as it could be so helpful for your studies and research purposes.

Google Translate:

Basically for research purposes, Google Translate is an amazing utility application for android devices. It helps you translate words written in one language to another language.
I persionally use the Google Translate to complete my review on the book Timeline by Micheal Critchton.

Free Online eBOOK:

As the name implies, Free Online eBOOK brings all the classical and comics books on the internet to your phone. Both free and premium eBOOKS.

If you feel like adding a directory that contains your favourite eBOOKS, you can still add it up to the list of directories from which the application downloads eBOOKS from. Also, you can read .epub, .pdf, .mobi, .doc and many other eBOOK formats using the application.

You can download the Free Online eBOOK from Mobomarket.

Color Note:

This is an application I use from time to time everyday.
One of the best yet simple note applications on the Google PlayStore. With Colour Note, you can simply jot down anything; maybe a note, an article, a webpage or just anything you feel like putting down.

The most beautiful part of this is that Colour Note syncronizes your notes both on the SD Card and either, facebook or Google so that you never worry about loosing your notes. Even when you change your phone, you can always restore backup from your SD Card or syncronise your notes using either your facebook or Google account.


Videoder is another amazing application that helps you download all kinds of videos from Youtube.

In case you ever need any tutorial, you can simply open Videoder on your android device, search for the tutorial and download straight from there.

You can download Videoder from Google PLayStore or Mobomarket.

If you know of another application that should be added to the list, kindly share it with others using the comment box below this page.