Configure Outlook Account On your Android -How to

Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email services available these days and no doubt, it offers an outstanding security and privacy protection.

Android devices on the other hand, are truly smartphones that do almost everything on their own. However, configuring Microsoft outlook for use with the Android email client could be a little frustrating since the configuration is not automatic.

Here, we discuss how to configure your Microsoft Outlook email services for use with your Android device email client.

Configuring Outlook Email On Android Devices

Although, you can download the Microsoft Outlook Application for your android device from the Google PlayStore. However, for any reason, if you could not use the Outlook Application on your android device; you can follow the step by step guides given below to configure your Outlook Account with your android device email client.

1- Lunch/Open your android device email client.
2- Tap the Menu icon to bring up the settings and tap it.
3- On the upper right-hand corner, tap the "Add Account" icon.
4- On the page that appears next, input your Microsoft Outlook account details. E.g and then, your password and tap on Manual Setup.
5- On the next page that appears, choose Exchange.
6- Now, on the Domain/Username field, input your full Microsoft Outlook account name. Input your password and on the Sever field, input
Also, check the Use secure connection (SSL) before you tap on the Next option.
7- Wait few minutes for the email client to complete configuring the email then, complete the rest of the process by checking your options and renaming the account.
And so you are done configuring your microsoft Outlook account on your android device.

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