Dead Nokia Phone Repair/Refurbish Guide -Using Phoenix Software

A dead Nokia phone could be refurbished and be brought back to live if the problem is not associated to any hardware problem on the phone. A Nokia phone that fails to come on at all or, a Nokia phone that only vibrates when the power button is pressed is referred to as A Dead Nokia Phone.

Here, we discuss how to repair and refurbish a dead Nokia phone using phoenix service software.

Likely Cause of A Dead Nokia Phone

There a number of things that may cause a Nokia phone to be dead and they are;
1- Firmware Issues: a Nokia phone could become DEAD while trying to upgrade or flash the phone.

Flashing a Nokia phone with a firmware version that is older than the firmware version already on the phone could cause the Nokia phone to become dead.

2- Corrupt System Files: by one means or another, if the Nokia phone system file is corrupted, then; it would result to this (Dead Mode).

To bring a dead Nokia phone back to live, there is ONLY one thing you have to do and it is flashing the phone using Phoenix Service Software.

Meanwhile, in cases like this, you have to flash the phone using the most recent flash files for that particular phone and downloaded from the Nokia database.

To download the latest Nokia flash files for any Nokia devices, visit this page here.
And to flash Nokia phones using the Phoenix Service Software, visit this page for the tutorial.

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