How to Remove Pattern Lock On Android Device Without Factory Reset

It has become a common practice to factory reset an android device whenever the phone is locked and the password or pattern lock is forgotten. Meanwhile, to gain access to your android device, even when you have forgotten the security lock; you don't have to factory reset the phone when you can actually remove the pattern lock.
Here, we discuss how to remove the pattern lock on your android device having no need to factory-reset or format the phone.


1- A PC, laptop or desktop.
2- ADB Tools -you need to setup ADB (Android Debug Bridge) tools on your PC. For info on how to do that, click here.
3- Android Drivers -android drivers for your particular device has to be installed on the PC. For info on how to download any android drivers, click here.
4- A compatible USB Cable for your android device.

Removing Patter Lock Without Formating your Android Device

In order to remove pattern lock from your android device without actually factory-resetting or formating the phone, you should follow the step by step guides given below;
1- Lunch Command Prompt on your PC and point it to the ADB Tools folder on your PC by typing cd c:/adb-folder-name on the Command Prompt window.
2- On the next line on the Command Prompt Windows, type adb devices -this is to confirm that the PC actually sees your phone in ADB Mode.
3- On the next line type, adb shell.
4- Now type, rm/data/system/gesture.key.

Please note that following each command line you enter above, you need to press the enter button on your PC to excecute the commands and then wait for the next line to appear.

Then, restart your phone and set another security lock on the phone.

WiKi Note
Android Debugging must be enabled on your android device for this to work.

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