How to Root Android Devices without PC

Android devices are so enjoyable to use, but it can be even more enjoyable if it is rooted. There are so many ways and methods you can use to gain root privilege on your android devices however, not most methods work without the use of your PC.

Here, we discuss how to root your android devices without the use of your PC. This involves the use of just Baidu Root app.

What is Referred to As Android Root

In case you do not know, Android Root, contains some special folders and files in android systems. Meanwhile, gaining access to the Android Root gives you special privileges and rights to perform certain advanced activities on the phone.

How to Root Android Device without PC Using Baidu Root

Baidu Root is an application that can single-handedly root most android devices and it is downloadable from the Google PlayStore.

Follow the guides below to root your android device without PC but JUST Baidu Root app.
1- Download Baidu Root from the link here. Or, from Google PlayStore.
2- Install the Baidu Root application on your phone.
3- Open the application and click on the "A Key to Get Root Privileges" line.
4- Wait for the application to complete the process and give you the confirmation message.

That simple! Your android device has just been rooted.

Please note that you need to download any root manager like the SuperSU or SuperUser from the playstore -this is to help you manage and maintain your root permissions.

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