How to Root Any Samsung Android

Rooting android devices has become so common that if anyone thinks of getting an android device today, he would think of rooting it.

There are so many ways to gain root access on any android device but one method is safer to another and, not all the methods work with all android phones.

Worst still, you could brick your android device while trying to root the phone -the reason why you should consider using the safest method.
Here, we discuss the safest way to permanently root any Samsung android device. Even the latest 4.4.4 Samsung androids.

Rooting your Samsung Android Device

To begin with, please note that this method works ONLY with Samsung android devices that has any custom recovery flashed. Check here for the step by step guides on how to flash custom recovery on Samsung android devices.

If you have flashed custom recovery on your Samsung android device, you can proceed with the methods as given below;
1- Download the latest file.

2- Copy and paste the downloaded file on the root of either your SD Card or the phone's mass storage.

3- Reboot the phone to recovery by either using command lines or using the right key combinations. How? Switch off the phone, now press the Home + Volume Up + Power buttons together at once for few seconds until the phone comes up, wait for like 3 seconds (by timing) then; release the keys. The phone should boot to recovery by itself.

4- In either CM, TWRP or 4ext, whichever custom recovery you use, just select Install ZIP from SD Card.

5- Navigate to the file you just download above and select it. Confirm to flash the file and wait few seconds for the process to complete.

6- Reboot the phone and begin enjoying the use of the rooted android device!

The file download link is not included to control the number of downloads we receive. Please, use the Contact Link above to request for the download link. Thank you.