How to Solve Appworld Connection Problem On BlackBerry

Blackberry Appworld is a built-in application that comes with all Blackberry smartphones and its sole purpose is to helping you download applications for your Blackberry device faster.

However, sometimes, Blackberry Appworld may fail to connect to the internet or fail to use the BIS connections on your Blackberry device. In such cases, within this page, we narrate the simplest method to correct the error and revive the Blackberry Appworld.

Blackberry Appworld is one of the many applications that makes the experience with Blackberry smartphones a beautiful one for most Blackberry users. This is simply because the Blackberry Appworld takes you closer to all the applications you will ever need for your Blackberry device!

In the other words, without the Blackberry Appworld on your Blackberry device, you would be able to download applications on your Blackberry device, but the download experience would not be so friendly.

Solutions to Blackberry Appworld Connectivity Failure

To this kind of problem with the Blackberry Appworld, there is ONLY one solution and it is;
Un-install and re-install the Blackberry Appworld.

Once Blackberry Appworld begins displaying any of these messages;
1- Blackberry Appworld cannot connect to the Blackberry server, please check your connection settings.
2- Blackberry Appworld: error connecting to the Blackberry Appworld server.
Even when other apps like the BBM and Blackberry Browser connect to the internet, your solution is to uninstall the Blackberry Appworld from the phone and re-install it by downloading another one using the Blackberry inbuilt browser.

Downloading Appworld With the Blackberry Browser

To download another Blackberry Appworld on the phone, simply search "Blackberry Appworld" from Google using the inbuilt browser. The first two results Google displays takes you to the appworld download link. Follow the instructions on the page to download the Appworld, restart your phone as soon as the installation is complete; then enjoy!

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