Special FREE Tutorials for Phone Software Repairs

This page is created for those who wish to learn how to repair mobile phones software related problems FREE of Charge. The mobile phones covered are Androids, Blackberry, Nokia (Symbian, Java, Nomandi) and iOS (On request).

If you are interested the FULL-TIME mobile phones software repairs training, in our workshop for 10 DAYS excluding Sundays, you can contact me: 0807 788 8311 (Whatsapp & Messages ONLY).

Within these pages, other tutorials not covered in the training kits would also be discussed. On each page, you can comment, discuss and share your opinions on each topic being discussed.

Wants more?
If you wish, you can request to join the one-on-one interactive group discussion on Whatsapp at a cost of N1,500 ONLY.

What you will Learn on Whatsapp
If you join the Whatsapp Group Discussion, you will learn how to;

1- Flash Nokia Phones
2- Unlock Nokia Phones
3- Upgrade Nokia Phones
4- Downgrade Nokia Phones
5- Nokia Browsing Configurations And Cheats

1- Flash all android devices
2- Upgrade all android devices
3- Root all android devices
4- Common Software problems of common android devices
5- Unbrick android devices
6- Android browsing cheats and configurations

1- Flash Blackberry phones
2- Upgrade Blackberry phones
3- Downgrade Blackberry phones
4- Unlock Security Lock on Blackberry phones

1- How to Network/SIM Unlock All HTC Androids
2- How to Network/SIM Unlock All Blackberry phones

Time And Schedules of the Whatsapp Group Discussion
To avoid any disturbances from either your daily activities or mine, I have concluded to schedule the Whatsapp Group Discussion as follows;
Mondays to Fridays: 8pm - 10pm
Saturdays and Sundays: 4.30pm - 6.30pm

The training would be for 1 month (30 Days). And you are allowed to ask any questions ONLY within the group discussion periods.

Don't Want Whatsapp Group? You Can Still Learn Software Repairs Here
 If you wish to enjoying the free online training tutorials, you can just click on each of the respective link below;
Android Training Tutorial
Blackberry Training Tutorial
Nokia Training Tutorial
iOS Training Tutorial
You must make payment before you join the Whatsapp Group Discussions. If you cannot pay before you join, don't border to contact me at all.

1- Emails: admin@arykblog.info help@arykblog.info
2- BBM: 768B9576
4- Phone Number: 0807 788 8311 0808 599 7677

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