Use Command Prompt to Install Applications On Android Devices

Windows Command Prompt and Linux Terminal are very useful tools for servicing android devices on our PCs. But in this article, we would be discussing Windows Command Prompt basically.

In this article, we would discuss how to install applications on your android devices using Windows Command Prompt.


1- A Windows PC.
2- ADB Tools -for detailed info about ADB and to set it up on your PC, Click Here.
3- Compatible USB for your phone.
4- Android Drivers for the Phone -for info on how to get android drivers, Click Here.

Installing Applications On Android Device Using Command Prompt

Once you have gotten all the requirments above ready on your PC, simply follow the instructions below to install any application on your android device from Command Prompt.

1- Enable USB Debugging option on the phoe.
2- Connect the phone to the PC using its compatible USB Cable and make sure that the PC actually connects to the phone.
3- Lunch Command Prompt on the PC. On Windows 7, click the start button and type cmd then, enter.
4- On the Command Prompt window, navigate to the ADB Tools folder by typing cd c:/the-ADBTools-folder-name, e.g cd c:/adb and press enter.5- Now, to make it easier, you need to move the .apk files of the applications you wish to install onto the ADB Tools folder.
6- Now, type adb install the-app-name.apk e.g adb install ghostrider.apk on command prompt and press enter.
Now, wait few seconds for the installation to complete.

If the application is already installed and you wish to update it, simply type adb install -r ghostrider.apk and press enter.

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