How to Flash Kernel On HTC Androids Via Hboot

Recently, I discussed how to flash kernel on android devices via custom recovery like CWM, TWRP or 4EXT. Here, I would be discussing how to flash kernel on HTC android devices via hboot.

Flash Kernel On HTC Androids Via Hboot

Before a kernel can be flashed via hboot on HTC android devices, it has to be compressed in a flashable zip file. And one more thing, the HCT android device must be S-Off otherwise; the zip file must be properly signed.

In most cases, to S-off your HTC android device is easier than to looking for signed kernel zip file for a particular HTC device. So, I would assume that you are flashing kernel on an S-off HTC android device in the guides below.

Proceed to the Guides Below;
1- Download the kernel for the particular HTC device for which you wish to flash the kernel.

2- Rename the downloaded file to the name of the HTC, usually; this is the model number of the HTC phone. E.g for HTC One V.

3- Put the renamed kernel zip file in the root of the SD Card (Not in any folder).

4- Reboot the phone to hboot using the right key conbinations usually, by pressing the Power + the Volume Down buttons together while the phone is off.

5- Wait few seconds for the phone to complete scanning the memory card. If all things are normal, the phone should ask 'Do you want to start the update?', press the volume up button to continue.

6- Wait for the update process to complete and then, reboot the phone.

- Kernels are very specific with ROMs. You need to be sure that the kernel you have downloaded is for the particular phone you wish to flash it on.

- In the case of HTC phones that does not have Memory Slot, like the HTC M7, this method cannot be used to flash kernel on them. A slightly different method which is discussed in this post could be used.