How to Solve Battery Issues On Android -Part 2

Recently, I published an article that discusses the solutions to the common battery issues of android devices. Like when your android device fails to charge, when the android device charges but fails to retain current and other battery problems alike.

If you missed the earlier solutions discussed, you should check here; Solutions: Battery Not Charging Issue of Android Devices.

Here, I would discuss another discovery I found for the battery issues most android devices develop. I discover this while working on an HTC One X in my workshop. The HTC One X was brought for the same battery issue.

When the HTC One X was brought, it charges but it does not retain current. You could charge the phone for 24hrs and in the end, it might still end up having just 20% left.

So, based on the recent experience I have had on phones having similar problems, I proceeded to repair the phone.

I noticed that everything on the phone were still stock. By this I mean, the phone had not been tampered with before and there was no sign that any engineer had worked on the phone. For this reason, I proceeded with caution.

How I Resolved the Battery Issue

Since the HTC One X was still stock, I could not have been able to do much on it until I unlocked its bootloader and flashed a custom recovery on it.
How to Unlock HTC Bootloader
How to Flash Custom Recovery On HTC Androids
1- I unlocked the phone's bootloader.
2- Flashed a custom recovery, TWRP Custom Recovery to be precise.
So, at this point, I checked to see progress on the phone so far.

Guess What! I charged the phone for about 20mins and the battery metre recorded 17% charged!
I put off the phone and charged it again for 30mins. I put on the phone and noticed 27% charged on the battery metre. The phone works fine till now, at least; no battery problem again.

Most recent custom recoveries like TWRP, CWM and 4EXT have better battery managment especially; 4EXT recovery.