Mobile Phone SESE: Learn And Make Money

Out of the conceivable 1,000 attendees expected to attend the Mobile Phone Software Engineer Seminar, we have recorded 203 registered participants and attendees (including software engineers, those coming to learn software repairs and those coming for buying and selling purposes) expected to attend the Mobile Phone Software Engineer Seminar and Expo.

Just in case you have not heard about the Mobile Phone SESE before, it is an event organised by Aryk Enterprise in conjuction with some able partners. The Mobile Phone Software Engineer Seminar And Expo targets all Mobile Phones users and dealers across Nigeria.

So, if you aim to explore opportunities available in the mobile phone businesses in Nigeria, here is an opportunity for you. Take part in the event and find a way to maximize the opportunities open to you.
Read details about the Mobile Phone Software Engineer Seminar And Expo(Mobile Phone SESE) by downloading the pdf file here or contact ArykTECH using any of the contacts below the page for business opportunities at the event.

From the table above, it shows that;
1- 32 slots are still available for practicing engineers that are willing to participate in the event.
2- 61 slots are still available for those who wish to learn mobile phone software repairs.
3- And lastly, 701 slots are still available for those coming to repair phones, buy phones and other phone accessories, exchange phones and more (all at cheaper prices).

So, whichever you think would benefit you the most among the options above, I suggest that you do quick and act now.
Never depend on a single income. Make investment to create a second source. -Warren Buffet
Acquiring knowledge is the best investment you could ever make. Attend the Mobile Phone SESE to secure an investment opportunity.

Entrance Fee for Each Set of People
Set of People
Seminar & Expo Attendant/Learners
Matured Eng.
Other Motives
Entrance Fee


Payments to be made from Octomber 29 to November 29 would attract additional N1,500.
And payments to be made from Novemeber 30 to December 20 would attract additional N2,500.

Enquiries/Contacts Details
1- Emails:
2- BBM: 768B9576
4- Phone Number: 0807 788 8311 0808 599 7677