Samsung Androids PC Copy/Move Files Issues: Solution

On several occasions, I have come across questions about some people having problems copying/moving files to/fro their Samsung android devices to their PCs especially; when the device has just been updated or factory reseted.

This happens mostly because the Mass Storage on most of the Samsung android devices are protected and restricted from certain operations. To be able to copy and move files to/fro your PCs to such Samsung android device, you have two options.
1- Download and install Samsung Kies on your PC.
2- Enable RWXRWXRW access (Rights) on the Mass Storage.

Option 1: Download And Install Samsung Kies

This option is temporary because you need to download and install Samsung Kies on every PC from or to which you wish to copy files from and vice versa.

Option 2: Enable RWXRWXRW access on the Mass Storage

This option is permanent and it requires root access thus; the phone must be rooted for this option to work.
How to Root Any Samsung Android Device

How to Do it

1- If your Samsung android device is not rooted, root it by following the link above.

2- Download and install Root Browser from the PlayStore.

3- Open Root Browser and grand it root access.

4- Navigate to the device's Mass Storage, tap and hold the Mass Storage until some options pop up.

5- From the options, select Permissions and then; tick/mark all the three boxes under the Read, Write and Execute options.

6- Click OK and go back.

Now, you can connect your phone to any PC and be able to copy and move your files as you wish between the PCs and your phone without Samsung Kies been installed on the PC.