Solutions: Battery Not Charging Issues On Androids

On one of the threads I manage on NL, I have seen many posts on issues relating to 'battery not charging issues' or 'battery never get fully charged' of android devices and as a practicing phone software repairs engineer, I have recommended two solutions that I have used and confirmed working in correcting android battery issues; so I decide to explain the step by step guides here on this page.

Signs/Effects On the Phone

If you notice any of the following signs or effects on the phone, then, these solutions should work magic on your phone.
1- If you notcie crossed bars (usually in red colour), on the phone's battery bars; either while charging or not.
2- If you notice that the phone's battery never gets fully charged.
3- If the phone charges but fails to retain battery.
Then, you can give these corrective messures a try, starting from the first one.

Android Battery Not Charging Solutions
Solution 1
Wipe battery stats: to wipe the battery stats of your android device, you need to have a custom recovery flashed on the phone. Either CWM, TWRP, 4EXT or any other custom recovery that has Battery Stat options could be used.

The method for flashing custom recovery on android devices vary. You can use the Search Box above to search for the method that can be used to flash custom recovery on your android device or better still, you can use Google.

Solution 2
Flash A New Kernel: this particular solution is 90% certain to work and correct the battery issues on any android device but, it's more advanced.

To flash a new kernel on the phone, a custom recovery is also required and the kernel has to be for the exact phone. -Be warned! Flashing a wrong kernel could brick the phone.
For a detailed info on how to flash kernel, click here.