4kobo/sec On Calls to Any Network -Cheat for MTN Users Only

Before the introduction of the unity tariff plans, making calls to other networks in Nigeria were relatively costly and perhaps; unaffordable by many so much that you would want to use only Glo line to calling Glo lines and MTN line to calling MTN lines.

But today, the story has changed. Making calls across networks is now relatively cheap, to make it even more cheaper; you can simply use this simple logic and make calls to any network in Nigeria for as low as 4kobo/sec or about N3/min.

How it Works And Requirements

In any case, this cheat works on any MTN line and at any time of the day, but for the best result; you should have these items ready:
1- Any MTN SIM (0803, 0806, 0813 etc) including lines that are ported to MTN.
2- Whichever MTN SIM you use, it has to be on ZONE, I mean MTN Zone plan.
3- And of course, you need a phone and an attentive ear!

How to Make Calls to Any Network at Just N3/min On MTN

Now that you have probably gotten all those mentioned ready, all you have to do now is to;
1- Load your MTN line with any amount of money. Just make sure that you have money that can be used to make calls.
2- Initiate calls by adding either of these suffixes (*1 or 555) at the end of any line you wish to call. E.g if you are to call a line say; 08027000123 you will just add either (*1 or 555) at the end so that it will look like this; 08027000123*1 or 08027000123555 and dial (send the call).

1- For the best result, you need to make sure that the MTN Zone call rate is 4kobo/sec or any low call rate at that time.
2- When calling MTN lines, you do not have to include the suffixes. Neither *1 nor 555 should be included.

This logic just helps you call any network at the same call rate as MTN Zone calls other network.