Pro Guide for Flashing Tecno Phones And Other MTK Android

When an android device develops a kind of software malfunction, critical or minor, we may decide to flash the android device to correct the error however; the procedure for flashing android phones varies because of their varying hardwares.

To flash any kind of phone, you need flash files and in the case of Tecno android phones; the flash files are being extracted from a working identical Tecno phone.
For a successful flashing operation, the flash files must be exactly identical to the Tecno phone we wish to flash otherwise, the phone we are flashing may never come up again.

How Do We Determine Identical Tecno Android Phones?

So far, I have gathered four (4) variants of Tecno F7 and each of which are very identical by look but very different by components, including hardwares.

While trying to access the phones' components and pinpoint the difference or differences, whichever the case, I discovered ONLY one major difference; their boot.img files.

An identical Tecno F7 has the same boot.img file, both in size and nature as its counterpart. This fact holds true for all MTK androids.
For Example;
If you extract the boot.img file of 2 similar MTK android phone and they have the same size, maybe the same 4.9mb each then; they are identical.
Note that two similar phones may not be exactly identical.

How to Extract Boot.img File of MTK Androids

To extract the boot.img file of MTK androids, we would need to backup the whole STOCK ROM of the phone and so far, backing up any MTK android stock ROM would not have been possible if not with the help of the MTK Droid Tools.

MTK Droid Tools is a Windows program released by one of the XDA developers recently. The MTK Droid Tools has proven so useful recently.

Backing Up MTK Android Stock ROM

Step 1- Download the MTK Droid Tools from the link here.
Step 2- Download and Install USB Vcom Auto driver for all MTK Android Devices from here.
Step 3- Flash ClockWorkMod recovery on the phone. Learn how to Flash ClockWorkMod recovery on your MTK Androids here.
Step 4- Proceed carefully to the instructions given below;

Now, follow the structions below:
i- Reboot your MTK android to CWM Recovery using the right key combinations for the phone. Search Google for your particular phone or use the comment box below to ask for yours.
ii- On your Windows PC, where you extracted the MTK Droid Tools folder you downloaded above; open MTK Droid Tools.exe as administrator.
How? Right-click the MTK Droid Tools.exe and select open as administrator.

Wait until MTK Droid Tools detects the phone. Once detected, you will notice that the colour on the lower-left of the program turns cyan-blue.
iii- Now, click on the Root, Backup Recovery tab of the MTK Droid Tools and click Backup to start the Full Backup.
iv- Wait for the Full Stock ROM backup process to complete. You can check for the backed up stock ROM on this folder: \mtkdroidtools\backups\the-mtk-phone-model-number. The folder is within MTK Droid Tools folder in short.
v- Just before the process completes, MTK Droid Tools would ask "Pack Up the Backup?". Select No and wait until Droid Tools display Task Complete.

Now, you have successfully backed up the stock ROM of your MTK android device.

To Determine Identical Phones
Now, to determine identical phones, backup as many as available phone of the same model and compare their boot.img file size.

To check the boot.img size, simply locate the folder where the backed up files are saved on your PC and open the folder for each phone. You should see a file named boot or boot.img, simply compare its size with others.

How to Flash Stock ROM On Tecno Android Phones
Flashing a Stock ROM on android device is an ultimate solution that can correct any kind of software related problem on the phone and the procedure for flashing stock ROM varies from one android device, brand or model to another because of their varying hardwares.

To flash stock ROM on Tecno android, you need to prepare the backup files we have made using MTK Droid Tools (from above) for flash tools.

And in this case, we will be discussing how to flash stock ROM on Tecno phones using Smartphone Flash Tools, SP Flash Tool.

Preparing Backed up Stock ROM for Flashing
1- On MTK Droid Tools, go to Backup, Recovery tab and click To Prepare Blocks for Flash Tool.
2- On the new Window that opens up, navigate to the folder where you saved the backed up stock ROM and select the file.md5 and click Open.
3- Wait for the MTK Droid Tools to complete the process and copy the files for the flash tool. Once completed, you will see Task Completed on the display.
4- Now, you have created backup of your MTK android device stock ROM flashable via SP Flash Tool.
And now, below here I narrate how to flash the prepared blocks on any MTK androids including your Tecno phones.

How to Flash Backed Up Stock ROM On MTK Androids Using SP Flash

Step 1- Download and extract SP Flash Tool on your Windows PC. You can download SP Flash Tool from here.
Step 2- Open the folder where you extracted the SP Flash Tool. Right-click on SP Flash Tool.exe and run it as administrator.
Step 3- Click Scatter Loading on the SP Flash Tool.
Step 4- Navigate to !File-to-Flash folder on the MTK Droid Tools where you saved the stock ROM you have backed up for the MTK android and select the scatter file from there.
If you have several files from there, you should open the folder for the MTK phone you wish to flash and select the exact scatter file.

Step 5- All the files to be flashed would be loaded once the scatter file is selected.
You should mark all boxes EXCEPT Preloader, and DSP_bl to avoid bricking the phone or leaving it in boot loop.

Step 6- Now, remove the battery from the phone for few seconds and re-insert it. Click Download from SP Flash Tool. A prompt would appear, just click YES.
Step 7- Quickly connect your phone to the PC using USB Cable once you click yes above and click either the volume+ button, volume- button or power button once.
Now, seat back and relax. Wait for the process to complete.
Immediately the process completes, a green-circled button would appear bearing the message;
"You have successfully restored the stock ROM"

ProTIP :
1- Unless you are certain that the phone you are to flash has ONLY one variant, confirm that the file you are to flash on the phone is identical to the phone by comparing their boot.img(s)
2- Until the flashing process completes, DO NOT attempt to remove or disconnect the phone from the PC.