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Download Whatsapp+ for A Better Whatsapp Experience

Sometimes, a bit of difference makes some big good changes in how an operation goes. Whatsapp+ is an application with such a difference!
With few changes in the colour, new looks in the theming, and perhaps; a few tweaks in the chat boxes, Whatsapp+ makes your Whatsapp experience a lot more fun!

Whatsapp+ is a modified application designed to give your original Whatsapp application a new look and makes it more enjoyable for you to use.

What’s new in 6.55 Version of Whatsapp+

*One step closer to material design.
*Added floating button in main screen to open contacts picker.
*New MOD 2.0.1 Hide Floating Button and MOD 2.0.2 Floating Button Color.
*Added Azerbaijani translations. Dutch translations updated.
*MOD 6.1 Launcher Icon is working again.
Note: Although Whatsapp+ is a cracked and modified version of Whatsapp. The modifications only beautify Whatsapp, you still have to Pay the usual ₹55/$0.99 in this Cr@ck once your Whatsapp validity expires meanwhile, Whatsapp+ does not extend your whatsapp service duration.

Features of This Whatsapp+

* HIDE LAST SEEN Online Status Blue Ticks Double Tick.
* Apply and make themes of your choice.
* Immersive mod for 4.4+ devices.
* Change icon notification color.
* Upload PHOTOS and VIDEOS with no compression.
* Maximum upload size to 30 MB.
* Material Design.
* And much much more try and Experience yourself.

Instructions for FRESH INSTALLATION of Whatsapp+

In order to prevent loss of data including your chat histories, Whatsapp multimedias and other Whatsapp files, you should follow the following guides to do a fresh installation of the Whatsapp+

1) Go to /sdcard/whatsapp/databases/Delete all files found there using FILE MANAGER (i.e ROOT EXPLORER).
2) In Whatsapp Go to Settings>Chat settings>Backup Conversations to Backup your conversations.
4) Install Given WhatsApp+’s apk. You may download your Whatsapp+ apk from here.
5) Open it & Click AGREE & CONTINUE & enter your number.
6) If you have done above steps well then there should be RESTORE BUTTON , Press it (If you Dont get restore button or you get message like “Your app is not official Download from play store” then uninstall current whatsapp+ & install original whatsapp from play store , do verification process and then chat with 1-2 person again, backup chats and then uninstall original whatsapp & install given WhatsApp+. Now, you should definitely get RESTORE button).
7) Wait few minutes for the initialization to complete. It might take longer depending on the volume of your chats history and then; Press Continue after it finishes.

Instructions for Whatsapp+ Update Installation
1) Simply download and Install the newer Whatsapp+ Cr@ck’s apk.
2) While Installing the Apk if you get APP NOT INSTALLED error then follow above method i.e the method for the Fresh Installation explained above.
3)Share this Awesome innovation as much as you can by using the share buttons below.

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