How to Use MTN BIS On Android Devices

For the past few months now, we have been able to using the Glo BIS subscription on android devices by means of permanently changing the android device IMEI but as for the MTN BIS, it was seemingly impossible.

Here I would discuss how to using your MTN BIS subscription on your android devices having no need to modify any aspect of the phone whatsoever.

Requirment to Use the MTN BIS On Android
1- TroidVPN or SimplerServer application installed on the phone.
2- An MTN BIS subscribed SIM Card.
3- A few more configuration changes.

How to Use MTN BIS On Android Via SimpleServer

==> Download Android simple server app here and install it on the phone.
==> Create New APN settings on the phone or configure the one there as follows;
Port: 8080
Username: web
Password: web
Save the settings and set it as your default configuration settings.

Go to simple server and configure the settings as given below:
Pproxy host:
Proxy Port: 8080
Injection Method: get
Injection querry/url:
Injection Host:
Injection line: press your enter key 4 times
Log leve: debug
Close the settings and click the connect button to connect the phone to the internet.

Use MTN BIS On Android Devices Via TroidVPN

==> Download and install the TroidVPN application on your android device.
==> Create a new APN on your android device as follows;
Port: 8080
Username: web
Password: web
==> Lunch TroidVPN on your android device. Leave the default parameters except that you should select any server you like.
==> Set Rport: 80 and Lport: 0 then, select TCP from the box below.
==> Click on Advance and set up as seen below;
Tick use proxy for TCP connection and set as; Proxy host: 10:199.212.2
Proxy Port: 8080
Hit the save button and connect.

And that is all! You can start downloading and browsing the internet for as long as you may want using your MTN BIS on your android devices.
1- Any of the applications above either SimpleServer or TroidVPN, must remain opened while browse the internet on your android device.
2- TroidVPN is believed to be more stable and preferred as tested.