How to Use MTN BIS On Your PC

Since the era of android devices and other advanced mobile phones like Windows, Normandi and BlackBerry 10 series, the search for free or at least, cheap data services have been on the increase and as a result of this, interest on the subsidised BIS subscription came to mind.

In this publication, I would discuss how to use your MTN BIS on your PC using your modem.

What Do I Need to Use MTN BIS On My PC?

1- Your PC
2- Your Modem, universal (Unlocked) or just any modem
3- SimpleServer application. You can download it from here.
4- And an MTN BIS subscribed SIM card

How to Use MTN BIS On your PC

==> Extract the SimpleServer zip file you may have downloaded from the link above on a folder on your PC.
==> Open the extracted folder and locate the SimpleServer.exe application and lunch it by double-clicking the application. Leave the application opened.
==> Slot an MTN BIS subscribed SIM card in your modem and connect the modem to your PC.
==> Lunch the modem dashboard and configure the modem with the following configuration:
Password: Web
Username: web
==> Now, you can connect your modem and enjoy surfing the internet using your MTN BIS subscription.
If any of your browsers or IDM fail to connect to the internet, point them to;
Proxy: or local host
Port: 8080