Unlock Nokia Phones Without Security Codes -Bypass the Code

Security codes on Nokia phones are meant to secure and protect your phones from unauthorized access to the phone, however, in the case that you forget the security code, what will you do?

Flash the phone, right? This might not be your best solution.

Here, I would discuss all the possible ways you could access a security-code locked Nokia phone even without the security code.

Each method discussed here works for both old and new Nokia phones except the Nokia Lumia and Normandi phones.

This article is compiled to help you gain access to your security-code locked Nokia without losing any data on it whenever you forget your password/password. Please note that your use of this code and the resulting consequences are of your own doing and ONLY for you to bear.

How To Unlock Any Nokia Phone Without An Unlock Code

Method One (1)
This method is being used in unlocking the newer sets of Nokia s40 java phones like Nokia 2690, 2700, 3110c, 5130, 2626 amongst others and it is being used successfully so far.

Ordinarily and as you may have known that to unlock this set of Nokia phones, you will need to press centre button and immediately followed by the * button then, if it is locked with codes, you will be required to provide the unlock code to unlock the phone.

Now, to apply this trick and bypass the security code thus; unlock the phone without code follow this steps.

==>Turn On the Nokia phone, and let it finish booting.
==>While on Standby mode, dial 112 (Emergency call number) and Tap the Green call key to send.
==>Wait for one (1) second and hit the top right “End Call” key to terminate call.
==>You should notice that the phone forgets its self and displays Goto by the left side, Menu at the center and Music, Media, Calculator etc on the right depending on what’s set.
==>Now when you notice that quickly Tap Menu (center button). This should take you to the phone menu.
==>Repeat step again but this time tap the Navigation keys until you get to settings.
==>Under settings, Goto Phone=> Automatic keyguard. And turn it Off. The phone should now be opened.

Method Two (2)
This method is simple and requires no expertise whatsoever. The easiest on the list and works mostly on Old Nokia devices like Nokia 6600, 7810, 6680 amongst others.

==>While the phone is locked and on Standby mode,
==>Tap and hold Unlock (center button) Till you see “press * to unlock“.
==>Press * and the phone should be unlocked.

Method Three (3)
This method require a bit of leg-work and may take a bit of your time. You will need your 15 digit IMEI to generate a 10 digit Master Reset Code for resetting the phone's security code.

==>While phone is unlocked, dial *#06# to retrieve the Phones 15 digit IMEI or open the back case of the phone and carefully copy out the imei written there.
==>Goto http://www.unlockitfree.com and click on “Free Remote Instant Master Code“.
==>Enter the 15 digit imei number of the phone you wish to unlock and click on Generate.
==>Copy the 10 digit master code generated. And use it to unlock phone whenever you wish to unlock it.

Method Four (4)
This method works with the new set of Nokia phones which include the Nokia Asha series amongst others.
Nokia phones include Nokia Asha 200, 201, 202, 203, X3-03 amongst others.

==>While phone is locked and on Standby mode,
==>Hit Unlock (center button) followed by *. As if you want to unlock, but instead of the code.
==>Input 911 as the code and hit the Green Call key to send.
==>Immediately after sending, Tap the top right End call key twice to unlock.
==>The phone should now be unlocked. And shall remain open till you reboot the Nokia phone.