A - Z Mobile Phone Software Repair Guides Now Available

For some of us who wishes to add up our income means or just want to start doing something that can be making us some money, here is a package that will really help you.

This package was first introduced on 1st of January, 2014. And believe me, it really sells!

Who Are this Package For?

1- Students: this package is especially repacked for any student who wishes to making some extra income in and outside the campus.

2- Any Free man: this package is also for you if you are a free man and wishes to making some money.

What is the Package About?

If you have ever made money with your skills, you would agree with me that exploring your skills is the best way to make money.

This package contains all the files, tutorials, softwares, animations (video guides) and all other materials that would help you in repairing software problems of any kind of phones, tabs, and gadgets; both common and uncommon types in Nigeria.

Why Should I Get this Package?
To making money. Yes. The only reason why you should get this package is to start making money with it.

Below I will point out some ways whereby you can be making money with this package.
1- You can actually make some money by flashing and upgrading all kinds of phones and gadgets upgradeable using this package.

2- Many browsing cheats can be discovered using the tools and materials contained in this package.

3- Root, hack and unlock phones for your colleague in exchange for money.

4- Tackle and repair software problems of any phones and tabs using the tools and materials contained in this package in exchange for money.

5- Make money by helping others fortify their android devices to withstand any damages.

6- Apply the hacks and tricks that improves android device performance in exchange for money.

Contents of the Package

Please note that, contrary to the A B C Package within which ONLY few flash files and programs are contained, this A - Z Package now contains more flash files and flashing programs.

And below here is the list of the content;
1- A - Z Mobile Phone Software Engineer Guides
For Android:
1- Android Debug Bridge Tool -the latest ADB Tools for all androids; MTK, Proper Android and Spreadtrum (iTel)
2- iTel Android Flashing and unlocking programmes
3- LG Androids flashing programmes
4- HTC and Samsung Android flashing programs
5- Sony Ericson flashing and unlocking programs
6- All Android Root Tools

For BlackBerry:
1- BlackBerry Flashing Programs
2- All Blackberry firmwares/flash files
3- Advanced BlackBerry programing tools

For Nokia (Including Nokia Lumia; Windows And Normandi):
1- Nokia Symbian and Java flashing programs
2- Nokia Lumia Phones flashing programs
3- Nokia Normandi Phones flashing programs
4- About 55 Nokia phones flash files
5- Nokia Flash files downloader -this tool contains all the latest and all Nokia phone flash files you may ever need.

NOTE: There are animations/Video Tutorials for the major operations/repair guides.

Teachings And Video Tutorials Contained In the Package
Because I know that majority don't find pleasure in reading tutorials, I have included some Video/Animated tutorials in the package which are more understandable and easier for you to follow.
Below here is one of the animated tutorials contained in the package;

Other Video/Animated Tutorials that Are Contained;
Teachings on android devices:
- Introduction to the android devices
- Using Command Prompt/Terminal to execute and accomplish certain operations on android devices
- Rooting Android Phones -Android roots and how it is being gained
- Upgrading And Downgrading Android Phones
- Bringing a dead android phone back to live
- And many more

Teachings on Nokia Phones
- Flashing Nokia phones
- Upgrading Nokia phones
- Removing (Lock) Security Lock on Nokia phones
- Refurbishing Nokia Phones and many more

Teachings on Blackberry Phones
- Flashing/Reloading Blackberry phones
- Removing Security Lock on Blackberry Phones
- Wiping Blackberry Phones

The Package And Delivery

Because ArykTECH wishes to help every student or individual out there, we have made this package available in two (2) formats namely; the Hard Copy and the e-Copy.

1- The Hard Copy is about 12GB in size contained in three (3) DVD Copies. It contains all the materials as mentioned above plus some extras. This package Hard Copy costs N6,500.

2- The e-Copy of this package costs N3,000 ONLY. The package contains just the A - Z Mobile Phone Software Repairs Guide (PDF FORMAT). Within the book, we have reserved some pages that contain the download links for all the materials and tools that are contained in the Hard Copy. So, the only difference is that, you will have to download them at your own convenient time.

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