Enjoy Whatsapp On your PC Without Any Emulator

With the introduction of the Whatsapp Web, you can now enjoy your normal Whatsapp chats on your computer having no use of any emulator.

Your contacts and favourites are automatically loaded and your chats are automatically synced on the web thereby making the experience much more enjoyable!

How Do I Use Whatsapp Web On My PC?

To use Whatsapp on your PC is really simple and easy. You just have to follow the simple step by step guides given below;

- Visit https://web.whatsapp.com on your computer -Whatsapp Web currently works with ONLY Google Chrom browser. Supports for other browsers maybe made later.
- Bring out your phone to enable Whatsapp Web from the phone.
Android Users: Open Whatsapp >> Menu >> Whatsapp Web
Blackberry Users: Open Whatsapp >> Chats >> Menu Key >> Whatsapp Web
Nokia S60 Users: Open Whatsapp >> Menu >> Whatsapp Web
Windows Phone Users: Open Whatsapp >> Menu >> Whatsapp Web
BlackBerry 10 Users: Open Whatsapp >> Swipe Down from Top of Screen >> Whatsapp Web
Nokia S40 Users: Open Whatsapp >> Swipe Up from Bottom of Screen >> Whatsapp Web

- Now, scan the barcode being displayed on the https://web.whatsapp.com with your phone to log in your Whatsapp account.
- Complete the rest of the process and enjoy WhatsappING on your computer!

Having any trouble using Whatsapp on your PC? Share your opinion using the comment box below.