How to Change Android IMEI Using MTKDroid Tools

There are many methods and apps that can be used to change IMEI of android devices, especially, MTK Androids.

Among these many apps and programs that can be used to change IMEI of android devices is MTKDroid Tools.

In this tutorial, I would discuss how to change your Android Device IMEI using MTKDroid Tools.

Why Change the IMEI?

There are different circumstances that may demand that you change the IMEI of your android device however, the reason for changing the android device IMEI is majorly determined by individual's choices and decision.

Prerequisites for Changing the IMEI Using MTKDroid Tools

Before you can be able to change the IMEI of your android device using MTKDroid Tools, you need to have the followings ready or done them;
1- The Android device has to be rooted.
2- ADB Drivers must be installed on the PC.
3- USB Debugging must be enabled on the android device.
4- A Compatible USB Cable for android device must be used.

Changing the Android Device IMEI Using MTKDroid Tools

1- Download And Install MTKDroid Tools:
Install the MTKDroid Tools application on your PC if you do not have it installed already. You may download MTKDroid Tools from this link here.

2- Lunch MTKDroid Tools:
Lunch MTKDroid Tools by doulble-clicking the MTKDroid Tools application from within the folder you extracted the downloaded MTKDroid Tools file.

3- Let MTKDroid Tools Discover the Phone:
Wait few minutes for MTKDroid Tools to discover the phone following the installation of all the necessary ADB Drivers files for the phone on the PC.

4- Click IMEI/NVRAM:
If the phone is rooted and MTKDroid Tools has discovered the phone, the IMEI/NVRAM section of the MMTKDroid Tools would become clickable. Simply click it and wait for the pop up that appears load.

5- Fill In Your Desired IMEI:
On the page that appears next, you can simply fill in your desired IMEI to replace the IMEI(s) of the phone. You can replace the IMEI(s) with BlackBerry IMEI or any other IMEI of your choice and then, click Replace IMEI.
Confirm the replacement and then, reboot your phone.

Congratulations! You have just successfully replaced the IMEI of your android device using MTKDroid Tools.

You may dial *#06# to confirm that the IMEI(s) has/have truly been changed.

If you have any questions, simply use the comment box below.