How to Flash And Unlock All Kinds of Phones And Tabs

Because I know that there are some people who are thinking of something they can start doing to making some money for themselves, I have compiled some files including some softwares, tools and userguides that can help you to making some money tweaking, flashing and unlocking phones and tablets.

This compilation is made for anyone who is willing to engage themselves in something that can be making them some money however, it is especially good for students who wishes to making some money at schools while still studying.

Contents of the Compilation

As a person who lives among students, I know what's hot and all that's high in demand; and can make you money (fast and quick) among other students, with this knowledge, I have made a good compilation that will make you money (fast and quick).

1- BlackBerry Tools:
In this compilation, I have included all the tools and softwares necessary for flashing all kinds of BlackBerry smartphones and other tools that are necessary in unlocking BlackBerry smartphones.

2- Android Tools:
No doubt! Android is the hottest smartphones platform in town now and people are making money (both in tweaking, flashing and unlocking) android phones now.

In this compilation, I have included all the tools necessary for flashing all kinds of android phones including the MTK android, Spreadtrum android and the proper androids.

The tools for tweaking and making all kinds of differences in the various android smartphones are also included.

3- Nokia, Lumia and Normandi Tools:
Also, I must mention that all the tools necessary for flashing and unlocking all kinds of Nokia phones are included in the compilation.

Both Lumia, Normandi, Java and Symbian Nokia phones can be flashed and unlocked using the tools and programs contained in the compilation.

4- Video Tutorials And PDF Userguide:
Also included in the compilation are useful major video tutorials that will put you through and teach you how to carryout each operation one after another are also included.

In case you don't have the time to watch videos, but you can read; a PDF User-guide is also included. In this user-guide, you will learn how to using most of the softwares contained in the compilation.

How Much is It?

The whole of this package costs N6,500 ONLY

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