Transfer Files Across BlackBerry 10, Android and iPhone -How to

Device Switch Screen
Looking for a way to transfer your files between BlackBerry 10 (other Blackberry OS), iPhone, Android and perhaps Windows? DeviceSwitch is a great application to accomplish such a task.

I could remember when I had to transfer my files from a BlackBerry z30 to a Samsung Galaxy Note, at first, it was such a difficult task until I remember that I could easily fire-up Devicewitch on both phones and then, make the transfer once and for all. Quickly, I downloaded and installed DeviceSwitch on both phones, from the Google Play Store for android and from the BlackBerry World for the BlackBerry 10 (z30).

What Files Could Be Transfered to/from Android, BlackBerry, iPhone And Widows Using DeviceSwitch?

Unlike most other applications that are being used for similar tasks, DeviceSwitch can be used to transfer much more files at a time than most of these other apps.

Depending on your device and platform, DeviceSwitch can be used to transfer the following files;
1- Contacts
2- Calenders
3- Notes
4- Music
5- Videos
6- Music
7- Pictures
Above is the list of files that can be transfered using DeviceSwitch and the transfer could be done all at a time.

How to Transfer Files Across BlackBerry 10, Android, iPhone And Windows Using DeviceSwitch

The proecures for transfering files accross android, BlackBerry 10 and iPhone using DeviceSwitch is much more easier and could be done in a jiffy, though, howlong it may take depends on the size of the files you are to transfer.

Here is how to transfer your files using DeviceSwitch;
1- Download and install DeviceSwitch on all the phone from/to which you wish to transfer the files.

2- Open/Lunch DeviceSwitch on the phone from which you wish to transfer files.

3- Skip the introductory note then, select all the files you wish to transfer to the second phone and click next.

4- Lunch/Open DeviceSwitch on the other phone (receiver) to which you wish to transfer the files.

5- Now, the first phone (sending phone) should have discovered the second phone (receiver). Simply select the second phone (receiver) on the first phone (sender).

You can now sit back, relax and watch the transfer process as it progresses.
Have you a better method of transfering files? Share it with us using the comment box below.