Android Battery Manager/Booster Apps, Do they Really Work?

It would be very funny when you discover that what you think proffer solutions actually does more harm than good. Won't it?
Such is the case in most android devices' battery that charges but never retains current. Some even charge for ages but whenever you check them, you will discover that they are only few % charged.

Today, there are thousands of applications if not millions in the Google PlayStore (official android applications store) and of all these applications, certain categories of applications are very common. Do you know what they are? Social Apps?... Besides them? Browsers?... Battery Managers? Yes!

Applications that fall under the Battery Managers' category are commonly installed on most android devices. Want to know why? This is simply because of the android devices nature. Until recently, android devices consume so much power that their batteries cannot last for 24hrs (under proper use) and in the quest to extending the battery span, most people download android device battery manager.

Now, Do Battery Managers App Really Work for Android?

Well, indeed, android battery manager applications really work BUT; not in the direction they are intended.
If you install android manager app on your android device and you hope that it will extend your android device' battery span, then I would say you are expecting lion cub born of a tiger.

How Android Battery Manager Apps Really Work

Ordinary, the display contrast of your android device, the service signal, the radio strenght, your WiFi, hotspot and Bluetooth, the call quality of your android device and host of other features are what actually drain your android device battery.
Now, what the android device battery manager apps actually do is that, since they know all the features that drain the battery, they tend to either manage them or control these features' activities.
For instance;
Supposing you install a battery buster/manager on your android device, what it does when you activate the battery buster/manager is/are;
1- It adjusts your phone's signal.
2- It adjusts your phone's display contrast.
3- It toggles your phone's WiFi, Bluetooth and Call Quality.
4- And some battery buster/manager tampers with the phone's kernel configurations
...all this to make your battery last longer.

Side Effects of Battery Manager/Buster Apps

If your ultimate goal is to make the battery booster/manager app extend your battery span, then there are more ultimate side effects you should expect.

Possible Problems Caused By Battery Manager Apps
1- Overtime, the use of battery booster/manager on android device can cause android device kernel to malfunction resulting in excessive heat of the device.

2- Battery Consumption Problems: battery manager apps may later alter (negatively) the rate at which your android device battery is consumed. Even if you change the battery, it won't make a difference.

3- Charging Problems: often times, when battery booster/manager tampers with your android device's kernel, it results in long-time charging without or not much effect on the battery. This is why some android device will charge for 10hrs or more and the battery will only have   few % on it.

Battery Booster/manager apps are not part of the necessary apps that should be installed on android devices. If at all you need to extend your android device battery span, simply adjust the settings to be minimal or at most; optimal.