Custom BBM PIN Now Possible -Customize Your PIN

Starting with the new BBM, you can now customize your BBM PIN to fit whichever BBM PIN you desire instead of the default BBM PIN that is usually assigned to each installation of the BBM on android devices, Windows phones and iPhones.

Besides the ability to change your BBM PIN to a customized PIN, the new BBM looks really good on android devices. It is lighter and better with loads of better animations, displays and graphics.

Although, the customized BBM PIN is not made free yet, it costs $1.59/month (As at the time this publication is made).

Why Customize My BBM PIN?

There are lots of reasons why you might want to change your BBM PIN though, individual's choice differs. Below are few reasons why you might want to;

1- Ease of Identification:
Since you are given the option to choose your own BBM PIN by yourself, I am sure you will choose the that you can actually identify and remember.

2- Rhymes:
I'm sure. So many users would want to choose a BBM PIN that rhymes either with their names, nickname, stage-name or whatever. Rhyme is just another reason why you might want to customize your BBM PIN.

3- Premium Feel:
This another reason why you might want to change your BBM PIN. Having a special BBM PIN that spells similar to your name or looks different from others makes you feel like you are a premium BBM users.

This is just to name a few. I know there are a million reasons why different people might want to customize their BBM PIN.

Why Would you Want to Customize your BBM PIN? Share it with us and let others have your kind of feelings!