Custom Recovery On HTC Androids: 3 Possible Flashing Methods

Having custom recovery flashed on android devices is very important. In fact, it should be one of the first things to do on your android device.

You might wonder why? Recovery is like a partition where the half-life of an android device is buried however, the stock recovery would not easily release this half-life whenever it is needed unlike the custom recovery.

This is the reason why custom recovery needs to be flashed on your android device. It helps us easily troubleshoot and recover our android device in case the worst happens.
Within this publication, I shall discuss three (3) different methods you can use to flash custom recovery on any kind of HTC android device. For the sake of newbie that needs to know what Custom Recovery is, you can read about custom recovery from here.

3 Methods to Flash Custom Recovery On Any HTC Android Device

HTC Custom Recovery Flashing Method -1
The first method to be discussed here is the simplest method but holds the highest committable risks. Want to know why? Yes. This method is the simplest because it can be used to flash custom recovery on any kind of HTC android devices including the S-On HTC androids and it is risky because it involves rooting the phone, first.

And for anybody who knows how androids work, you should know that rooting can cause unspeakable damages to android devices. However, for HTC S-On android devices, there is no better option than this except that you are able to unlock the HTC Phone's bootloader following this guide here.
So, if your HTC android device is S-On, this is your best option to get custom recovery flashed on the phone.
Method 1:
1- Root your HTC Android device. Don't know how to root it? Find how to root it here.

2- Download Rashr from the Play Sore here.

3- Lunch Rashr, grant it Root Access, choose to download the recovery image for the phone as in the image below;
HTC Recovery Flashing
4- Wait patiently for Rashr to complete the flashing process and reboot your phone to recovery to confirm that your custom recovery has been flashed.
HTC Custom Recovery Flashing Method -2
This method works best for HTC S-off android devices and it involves using your SD Card to update the recovery partition from the bootloader.
Method 2
1- Download the recovery image for your HTC phone.It could be TWRP or ClockWorkMod recovery. Just download one.

2- Create an andro-info.txt file for the phone.

3- Create a new folder on your PC and move just the 2 files (andro-file.txt and recovery.img) there. Don't forget to rename the recovery to recovery or recovery.img

4- Highlight the 2 files, right-click and then, add them to archive or send them to a zip file (depending on the program you are using). Name the zip file as e.g for HTC G2 and for HTC G21.

HTC Recovery
5- Transfer the zip file to the root of your SD Card and insert the SD Card to the phone.

6- Reboot the phone to hboot, how? Turn off the phone, press and hold power button+volume down button together until phone comes on.

7- Wait few seconds for the phone to scan the SD Card and detects the zip file. Press the corresponding button when the phone prompts you to click yes and wait patiently for the flashing to complete.

You can now boot to recovery to confirm your newly flashed recovery.
3- HTC Custom Recovery Flashing Method -3
This method is more straight forward and can be used for ONLY HTC phones with S-Off and especially useful for HTC android devices that does not have SD Card slot.
This method does require your PC, ADB Drivers installed on the PC and android ADB and Fastboot tools. Learn how to setup ADB and Fastboot Tools on your PC from here.
Method 3:
1- Follow the guides in the Method 2 above from guide 1 to guide 6.

2- When on Hboot screen, tap the power button once, and the phone should take you to bootloader mode.

3- Lunch Commad Prompt on your PC. How? Click the Windows Start botton then type CMD as in the image below;
Start button cmd
4- Now, connect the phone to the PC, wait patiently for the PC to install the drivers and type fastboot devices.
It should display your phone and its serial number as in the image below;
Fastboot Command
5- Now, type fastboot oem rebootRUU. Type it exactly as in the image below;
Fastboot Reboot RUU Command
The phone should reboot, displaying a dark background with Bold HTC written on it.
6- Again, wait few seconds for the PC to install the drivers then, type fastboot flash zip (better still, you may drag the file onto Command Prompt page) as in the image below;
Fastboot flash zip command
Wait few seconds for the flashing process to complete then; reboot the phone.
By any of the methods listed above, you can easily flash custom recovery on your HTC android device.

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