How to Root HTC One X

No doubt, HTC One X is one of the best android smart phones made by HTC in the past few years. The phone is finely designed, beautiful and has fabulous features however, to further enjoy the phone and unlock its other numerous features; you might have to root the HTC One X.

Why Do I Have to Root My HTC One X?

To be able to perform certain operations and customizations you ordinarily might not be able to do on the phone -this is why you might need to root your HTC One X.
As unnecessary as roting the phone may be, some do find it needful to root the HTC One X however, unless you need to make such customizations or any operations that requires rooting the phone, you should not root it.

Any Side Effects Rooting the HTC One X?

YES and NO. Yes, if you are the type that presses the phone too much, touching those aspects of the phone you don't really understand much about including the system files. Yes, because by so doing, the phone might get bricked or dead. The use of unsafe and chronic applications that require for root access can also make your rooting experience horrible.

And NO, if you're not the kind of person described above.

Prerequisite for Rooting HTC One X

1- Allow Installation of Unknown Applications/Sources: how? Go to Settings >> Security >> Unknown Sources and mark it on.
2- Internet Access: although, internet access is not necessary but might be required.
How to Root HTC One X
The method described here is best used for rooting HTC One X whose bootloader proves hard to unlock.

1- Download Baidu Root application and install it on your HTC One X from here.
2- Once the installation is complete, lunch the application.
3- Once the application opens, tap the "Root" bottom in the centre and wait patiently until the application completes the process.
4- If the application displays an image like the one below here, CONGRATULATIONS! Your HTC One X had just been rooted! Enjoy.

Note: An active hotspot/wireless connection is preferred to root the HTC One X using Baidu Root, if it is required.