How to Unroot Rooted Android Devices

Root access on android device gives you better experience in the use of the android device because of the many features and customizations that can be done on the rooted android phone and this is the reason why most people root their android devices.

How to Root Any Samsung Android
How to Root HTC One V

Besides the customization, rooted android devices can be easily configured to use browsing cheats, easily upgradeable and the rest. However, for one reason or another, you might want to unroot your rooted android device.

Here, I discuss how to easily unroot any android device without much stress at all.
Either Samsung, HTC, Tecno and other androids can be unrooted following this simple guides.

How to Unroot Rooted Android Device

To unroot your samsung, tecno, iTel, infinix and other androids, simply;
1- Download and install the SuperSU by Chainfire from the PlayStore or if you have the .apk file.
2- Open the SuperSU application.
3- Navigate to the Settings section of the SuperSU.
4- Scroll down until you see the Full Unroot option and select it.
5- After few seconds, the phone should reboot and that's all! Your android phone is unrooted!
This method works for any androids regardless of the method you use to gain the root access.