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Installing Android Application On the SD Card Without Root Access

Do you have an android device that has a very low application memory? Does your android device disturbs you with the low application memory warnings and you wander if you can install all the applications on your android device to the memory card?

Here is a remedy for you. With this tutorial, you will be able to install any application on your SD Card even without rooting the phone. Just read along patiently.

How to Install Android Applications On the SD Card

1- Download And Install Drivers:
First, you need to download and install compatible android ADB drivers for your android device. This will enable the phone to connect and interract with the PC.
You may download PDanet+ from here if you can't get the exact driver for your android device. PDanet+ is a universal driver for all android devices.
2- Setup ADB Files On the PC:
In this guide, we are going to install android applications on the android device SD Card using ADB Command line and so, ADB has to be setup on the PC.
Follow the guides here for info on how to setup ADB on the PC.
You can simply download this ADB File here on your PC, extract it and put it on the PC's local disk C's root folder as seen in the image below.
ADB Folder
If you still can't get it right, refer to the guides here.
3- Lunch CMD (Command Prompt) On your PC:
Tp open Command Prompt on the PC;
Click on the Windows Start button and type CMD then, press enter butoon when the Command Prompt application appears.
Start button cmd
4- Navigate to the ADB Folder:
Now, you need to point Command Prompt to the ADB Folder you created previously by typing;
cd c:/adb on the command Prompt
ADB Command
5- Connect Your Phone And Confirm the Connection:
Now, connect your phone to the PC using the Compatible USB Cable and confirm if it is connected from the Command Prompt by typing;
adb devices
ADB Command Device List
It should list your Android Device by its serial number as seen in the screenshot above.
6- Proceed with the Installation:
Now, just proceed with the installations by typing this on the command prompt;
adb install -s C:\Users\Aryk\Documents\BulkSMS_3.01.apk and press enter.
ADB App Instollation
Wait for the application to be installed as in the screenshot above.

And that is how you will install all the applications on the SD Card successfully.
- The applications must have already been download on the PC.
- It's easier to drag-and-drop the application on Command Prompt rather than typing the application location manually on the Command Prompt.

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